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“He seems like a good guy, but can I stand one more failed date evening? ” After dozens of typical ‘dumb dates,’ she knew sitting in a dark room watching another movie and having a drink in another dark room wasn’t getting her any closer to marriage. But don’t you think asking questions like this turns the date into some kind of formal interview?

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At that point, the descendants of Aaron the High Priest were designated for the Priesthood (see Numbers -18).

I would like to address the more specific issue which is bothering you – the notion that the Kohen has a “superior” status over other Jews, and the corresponding “inferior” status of the Jews they may not marry.

A Kohen’s superior status stems from his privilege and obligation to serve in the Temple.

But am I potentially in over my head, or can a relationship like this have a chance of success? (Don't you love these stereotypical Jewish answers?

) My initial thoughts are that I would imagine such a relationship would prove to be problematic in the long run.


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