Bsq8 dating

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The 34-item Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ) has demonstrated sound psychometric properties in all samples reported to date (including this study).

However, the unidimensional nature of the 34 items suggests that the BSQ may be unnecessarily long for use in studies when body disparagement is not the main focus of investigation.

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Recent progress in molecular genetics and improvement of evaluation methods for disease resistance have facilitated detection of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with resistance.

In this review, we summarize the results of worldwide screening for cultivars with resistance to brown spot, bacterial seedling rot and bacterial grain rot and we discuss the identification of QTLs conferring resistance to these diseases in order to provide useful information for rice breeding programs.

In contrast to the situation for other important rice diseases such as blast and bacterial blight, no genes for complete resistance to brown spot, bacterial seedling rot or bacterial grain rot have yet been discovered.

Thus, rice breeders have to use partial resistance, which is largely influenced by environmental conditions.


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