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I have seen so many women who are in 7 or 8 year long relationships (or longer) and they have never married. I would be shocked if he made it to a jewelry store. (I'm saying this in a tongue-in-cheek way - I have a sense of humor about his procrastination).

If they were in high school when they started dating, it's understandable. While I was not certain in the past, I have made it very clear my mind is made up over the last several months. Frankly, I think it is out of his own laziness (he is HORRIBLE when it comes to following through on things he'd like to do - getting pre-approved for a mortgage? I think he may also be projecting some of his own insecurity about getting married onto me.

then i would have had to tell him no, which would cause more trouble than it's worth.

i absolutely believe that some people are just not the marrying kind, if you will. there is no law that says you MUST get married after so many years or anything like that. We play kinect together he watches when I do my Zumba.

We have never really fought, but lately, we just bicker about the most insignificant things. 1 of two things will happen that day, either he shows how much he loves you and begs you to stay or he'll let you walk. How many more years do you want to sit by him, for him to one day realize, you guys weren't meant to be married? You don't want to wake up 30 years old in the same boat. Well the thing is I kind of understand him that is why I stick it out.

We started going out a lot more and he even started drinking. Now, when we talk about the future, he tells me that he is not psychic and to be happy about what we have right now because he can't tell where we'll be within the next year or so. Draw a line in the sand and say either step up your game or i'm out. If he lets you walk then he is doing you a favor, because there has yet to be a man on this earth... In just only 4 years, i met my a woman, proposed, wifed her, and she had our first child who is now 9 years old. Unfortunately he has been out of work since he got laid off the beginning of the year and he has since returned to school and wont be done with his program until the end of 2011.

I know a guy that never wants to get married *EVER* and him and his 'girlfriend' have been together 8 years.

She is cool with the fact that he was upfront with her and they both know what the expectations are so they are on the same page. i have been dating my b/f for 5 years now, and i made it very clear to him that i am never planning on getting married. he told me that if i hadn't have told him that from early in our relationship, he probably would have already asked me to marry him.

Before me, he was in two longer-term relationships, and he said that he’s never had what we have now, that he’s never even considered marriage and kids with anyone else before and that I’m not just his girlfriend, I’m his best friend.We talk about children all the time but, when I bring up marriage he gets his defenses up so quick. I don't doubt at all that he loves you, but he know you love him as well, and most women in your position will NOT leave their man, unless their man is doing something terrible long. to let the woman he adores walk out the door when all he has to do is say a word. He tells me that we can work everything out after he completes everything and gets a job. I want to be able to struggle with him and show him that support regardless.Now I know he loves me because obviously he chooses to be around still... I don't want to feel that I am just a standby until another woman walks into his life and she gets the whole package. How many more years do you want to sit by him, for him to one day realize, you guys weren't meant to be married? You don't want to wake up 30 years old in the same boat. I just feel we can jump into it now and he wants to be ready with finances and all because he feels he needs to be the bread winner in our household. Ok, so I'm not in the best position, but I thought I'd offer up my experience because it is slightly similar...I think perhaps your plan of spending the summer focusing on yourself and not your relationship may be a good idea. A good relationship is nothing to throw away lightly but a relationship that has stagnated and is not moving forward will ultimately leave you dissatisfied b/c from your posts it does not seem like you really do want to get married.You can also take that time to reflect on your relationship and figure out what you want from it. At some point you have to have a really hard discussion with your boyfriend. If he doesn't know if that includes marriage or not? I agree with previous poster that age plays a factor.But some of these people are now in their late 20s or 30s and they're still holding onto hope that a proposal is still coming. My feeling is that life is too short to spend it on one person for years without progressing to marriage. Hey River Running - You sound pretty frustrated - which is totally understandable.


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