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I have been on here in less than 8 weeks and my Aims and goals is to find the woman of my heart i guess you know what i mean11 Can you pls tell me what happen in your last relationship..........................?baby have told you more about me but i will be happy if you can reads me about you as the way that i sent you this messags so that i can understand u better i hope to hear from you soon so take good care of your selfmike......... ON THE OTHER HAND IT DOES SHOW THEY USE THE SAME BULLSHIT STORIES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.In fact, there were claims that up until a year ago, not a single person in Nigeria was in jail for such crimes.That's starting to change, with new reports saying that about 500 people have been arrested with another 500 under investigation.By now, you all (should) know about 419 advance fee scammers from Nigeria.Despite regular claims of plans to crackdown on the scams, the Nigerian government had done very little.If you are over 40, recently divorced, a widow, elderly or disabled then all the better in his eyes.Scammers use any weakness they find to their advantage.

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They are targeting elderly women, and women from other countries.

Mike Johnson who is "form" (see his email) San Joes Califorina wrote the following. hello how are u doing how was your day i just wish toi say hey to you all the time that u sent me a message i feel happy1were are you from? By the Grace of the lord when i get back home i am going to start up my own company with what i'm going to bed paid down here i work as a missionary and i also run an orphanage home....i will like to let u know that i am on a mission to west africa, been here to care for the homeless kids,motherless kids and to control child abuse.?????? I have two lovely kids who has been my Treasure since i lost my late dear wife5 Are the kids living with you?

He is an odd one he seems to put question marks at the end of all his sentences that are statements. Oh yes they are here with me cos i don't want them outside my Sight cos i love seen them all the time so that i can care for there needs6 What is your Marital Status?

No i have been single for the past 4 yrs since i lost my wife to still birth7 Are you a Christian? I attend Assembly church of God9 How long have you been going to Church?

I was born and Train in the Church10 What are you looking for on here and How long have you been here?


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