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We can restrict their access, or install safety software, but our kids also need space to grow up, privacy from even their parents, and a sense that they are trusted.

Monitoring every e-mail, sitting in on every chat and checking web access logs is not the way, certainly for the over-10s.

Over four times as many of the Internet samples reported sex with women in the past year as the written sample.

These data indicate that Internet data collection is feasible and that this mode of data collection, despite the nonrandom and self-selected nature of both types of samples, is likely to be more significantly oriented toward the young, geographically more isolated, and more behaviorally and self-identified bisexual respondent than conventionally distributed written questionnaires.

Jaeger was distressed that the multiple sex attacks on German women by men of “Arab or North African” appearance in Cologne on New Year’s Eve might bolster the arguments of anti-immigration campaigners.

“This is poisoning the climate of our society,” he said.

The Internet sample was younger, more likely to live in small towns or cities, live with parents or a girlfriend, and have lower formal education.

She would not have had any contact with her 31-year old ex-Marine if it had not been for the easy access to e-mail and chat that today's children seem to demand as a right, and we should not pretend otherwise or blame inadequate supervision.

New understanding Certainly, parents need to be aware of what their children are doing online, but none of us is perfect and always alert to danger.

The Internet is becoming a new erotic oasis for obtaining sex online or in person.

We reviewed the literature on cybersex and compared differences in data from samples of homosexually active men obtained on identical questionnaires from a conventional written questionnaire, distributed through the mailing and contact lists of a large national gay organization in Sweden, and through the same organization's website and chat room.


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