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Immediately my Mormon family welcomed me back, but this was short lived when doubts and unanswered questions began to resurface in my mind. My parent’s relationship with each other was not good and when my mom died when I was 12 years old, I was left alone most of the time.After five years of research, I knew Mormonism was false, but how would I convince Cheryl? Although I accepted Christ 3 months before she died, I was unprepared for the spiritual turmoil I faced when my church fell apart.After leaving the church, many of their marriages fall apart.Many lose all sense of morality, but what’s even worse, they aren’t even good at being non-Mormons.In contrast, Jack Mormons may believe but do not affiliate; and cultural Mormons may affiliate but do not believe.

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Most ex-Mormons leave Mormonism and the LDS Church because specific intellectual or spiritual reasons have led them to a conviction that the religion is false.

But really, despite these grave breaches of social etiquette, what is really revealing about this article is the extent to which it dives into the interviewed exmormon communities’ ignorance about the nectar of secular adults — alcohol.

16 y/o boy asks for advice coming out as pansexual.

I was married to a non-member, and when I started thinking about dating again, I figured I would date both members and non-members. I was crazy for this guy and he was crazy for me, but he just could not wrap his mind around two adults being in love and not having sex. I had been sexually active, and now I was just going to stop? After the frenzy died down, there were 2 or 3 men that I continued to IM and email, but where it got interesting is about every week or so I would get a new “hit”–someone would just pop in with an IM and start flirting with me. When i would look at their profiles I would find that the majority of these guys were KIDS. ” What I quickly learned is the reason older chicks are “cool” is because many of us are divorced which means we were previously sexually active, and quite possibly more open to being sexually active now and teaching a few things to the youngsters. My conclusion is, for the most part, that the LDS dating sites are cyber singles bars where men (women, too, I am sure) can easily hide the big ole skeletons in their closet behind pretending to be a faithful (notice I didnt say perfect) member of the church.

I mean KIDS: age range from 21(hello horny RM) to 26. One of the kids actually told me “everything, but . .” was OK, and you would be worthy to keep your temple recommend. One young man was looking for a more geographically convenient hookup. So, what can single (or divorced) adults of a certain age do if they want to keep the law of chastity while dating? What are your experiences with Mormon dating sites? Have any of you experienced the “Reverse Cougar” described above (young Mormon male seeks experienced hot older female)?


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