Jsp validating text box

One issue to be aware of though, is you then rely on the client browser which could have Javascript disabled etc Here is a good SO thread on Client side vs server side.

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It works properly in IE but not in fire fox and chrome. And also how to validate the text boxes created dynamically.

But my problem is that my date looks like 01-jan-2000how to compare today month like 06 with jan.

Lisa Wollin Microsoft Corporation May 2004 Applies to: Microsoft® Office Front Page® 2003 Microsoft Front Page 2002 Microsoft Front Page 2000 Summary: Learn how validate HTML form fields using Java Script in Microsoft Office Front Page 2003.

I want to have a text box on a page that the user can enter any date in MM/DD/YYYY format and then upon submit it would take then to another page that would tell them how many days till Christmas is.

How can I get what the user enter as the date to the second page as the current date? var Today=new Date("July 30, 2009"); var This Day=Date(); var This Month=Month() 1; var This Year=Full Year(); var Days Left=Xmas Days(Today); var Month Name=Month Txt(This Month); document.write("Today is " Month Name " " This Day " Hi, Thanks for ur approach,thats working fine.


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