Louis koo dating

On her facebook, she posts a picture of herself holding a rose and writes, “Turns out happiness has always been near me.

On Weibo, he writes, “I hope to receive blessing from everyone @Ruby Lin.” And Ruby Lin replies with a heart symbol for her own confirmation.

Goo Jai said that he did not even have time to sleep. Did his full schedule cause the postponement of the film with Twins, ALADDINA?

Goo Jai stressed that the story needed further work.

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First up is the bombshell dating rumor that is the most likely to be true in this whole convoluted mess – TW-actress Chen Qiao En and HK-superstar Louis Koo have been secretly dating for the last two years after being set up by mutual friend singer-actress Miriam Yeung.

Has his family urged him to find a female owner for his cars? Actually in the future I will arrange jobs accordingly.

This year I want to take a month off to visit Dubai or Europe with my family." Did he have too many movies to work on that he has no time for dating? INCREDIBLE (SUN KEI HUP NUI) Goo jai later will work on many movies.

Who knew Wallace Huo is such a romantic guy to publicly declare his love on May 20 (520 = I Love You)?

Over several precious months, they darted and dived discretely, finding many moments of intimate joy, far away from the public eye.


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