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If you hit on one that you love, it might just became an all-time favorite.

– Nakama Yukie plays the daughter of a Yakuza boss turned high school teacher, whipping delinquents into shape and inspiring them to embrace education and achievement.

Nino entered Johnny's by an admittance letter sent by his cousin. Nino first started out as a background dancer for a Japanese band, Kinki Kids.

His enthusiasm then grabbed attention from others and he joined other small bands like MAIN, Best Beat Boys and Beautiful American Dream along with members Matsumoto jun and Aiba Masaki.

On the other hand, Yoshitaka was reportedly dating RADWIMP's Yojiro up until they broke up last year.

Some of my all-time fave dramas are Japanese doramas.

I’ve been watching J-doramas since the early 90s, when I was a wee lass (okay, not so wee, but definitely still a lass), and following this bandwagon has been a bumpy ride. When its been blergh, it feels like an interminable period of uninteresting dreck.

Folks have asked me to add Taiwan and Japan dramas to my ratings list, and I certainly have watched enough to render opinions on quite a few works.

Rather than rating the ones I’ve watched and care to even talk about, I thought it more productive to write about them in a comprehensive post.


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