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The reaction in the UK press has been a lot of hand-wringing and inside-the-media circle-jerks – go here and here to read two prominent reactions to the piece.So what exactly happened during “the interview from hell”? The 39-year-old actress - who began dating Rhys Ifans shortly after she split from her former partner of 10 years David Thewlis in 2011 - classes herself as a "strong woman" and has admitted she has to…

Rhys Ifans is back in the news, and it’s really bad news.With Scandinavian TV so hot right now, her timing couldn’t be better. He’s happy and settled with a lovely French lady.”It was reported last year that Friel was freezing her eggs because Rhys wasn’t ready for fatherhood.“It feels like Scandinavia has suddenly been opened up to the rest of the world. Just a love for life.” She also has an eight-year-old daughter, Gracie, from a previous relationship with the actor David Thewlis. “I did an interview and they said ‘Are you thinking of having babies?Turner also writes that he has a “low opinion of journalists…He wants to make it absolutely clear to me that I am his intellectual inferior.Unfortunately, you have to be a paid subscriber to The Times to read the whole thing, so here are some highlights: *Before the interview even took place, Turner was instructed not to ask Rhys about A) Sienna Miller, B) slapping a guest at a BAFTA party in 2008, C) his girlfriend Anna Friel and her plans to freeze her eggs until he’s ready for fatherhood (which Friel had said herself). *Janice Turner asks Rhys about his Welshness and Rhys turned surly and condescending.


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