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This book is also long-listed for one of Russia's leading Big Book Prize.

Third place - Vladimir Lidskoy (Kyrgyzstan) for "Tales of our blood.

Russkaya Premiya (Russian prize) announced the winners of its 2016 season on April 21.

His account of the siege of Berlin, however, promises to be more controversial.

Even the victim's lawyer is describing it as a case of pedophilia. She, a German from Siberia, watches only Russian television. A highly intelligent acquaintance in Berlin, a tactful and tolerant man in everyday life, loses his composure as soon as conversation turns to the conflict in Ukraine. Everyone has their own 'cockroaches in their head' In Soviet times people were always making jokes about the television.

Sexual contact of any kind with a minor, however "consensual," is still a serious crime. He is convinced that the Ukrainian "fascists" crucify children and burn women alive. It's understandable that this traditional mistrust has been transferred to the German media.

The press spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor's office has assured DW that the suspected perpetrator has already been identified. Soviet citizens live on - in Germany, too In Soviet times, the Communist Party set itself the goal of creating a new species of human: the Soviet citizen. They showed the "irrefutable" evidence on television, he says. What's incomprehensible, though, is that they believe the unbridled propaganda disseminated by Moscow today.

The Soviet Union ceased to exist a long time ago, the Communists in Russia are a corrupt anachronism, but the Soviet citizen has survived - including here in Germany. No, she didn't go to the Hermitage, or to the world-famous Mariinsky Theater. Wasn't she bothered by the stench of cat pee there? Or perhaps there is something that makes it understandable.


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