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Monthly electronic billing statements are processed at the beginning of each month.Billing items will include Tuition/Fees, Housing, Access Card charges, Cowell Health Center charges and other misc.The Board also called for continued restrictions on watering schedules to a maximum of three times a week.On April 7, 2017, the Governor issued an Executive Order (EO) ending the drought state of emergency for a majority of the state.If you are unable to provide all of these items, there will a search fee.If you get copies of documents from the clerk, you will be charged $.50 per page copied.The Bursar Office staff must receive written correspondence within 60 days from the billing statement date on which the item in question appeared.

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Initially, there was tension between the people of the mission and those in the nearby Pueblo de San Jose over disputed ownership rights of land and water.January and February storms generated extraordinarily large flows in local creeks, and District reservoirs are currently at 106% of average for this date.On January 31, 2017, the Board of Directors (Board) approved a resolution calling for 20 percent reduction and continued certain water waste prohibitions, but removed the recommendation that retailers implement mandatory measures.Although ruined and rebuilt six times, the settlement was never abandoned, The outpost was originally established as La MisiĆ³n Santa Clara de Thamien (or Mission Santa Clara de Thamien, a reference to the Tamyen people) at the Indian village of So-co-is-u-ka (meaning "Laurelwood", located on the Guadalupe River) January 12, 1777.There the Franciscan brothers erected a cross and shelter for worship to bring Christianity to the Ohlone and Costanoan peoples.Floods, fires, and earthquakes damaged many of the early structures and forced relocation to higher ground.


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