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She has training in dialectical behavioral therapy, and has worked with both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.""If you are looking for a caring, practical therapist in central NJ, consider Therapy at Work LLC.) will judge Lebanese women (and maybe even consider it a deal breaker) if they have had sex before marriage.Because of this, a (more liberal) Lebanese woman is much more likely to have casual sex with someone she would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS consider marrying (foreigners get a lot of action because of this).., and lie to her “potential future” husband about it.simply get hymen reconstructive surgery before her wedding day."When teachers or leaders say we cannot cover a certain topic, we say OK, but if we get a question about it we will find a way to give the information," adds Elissa."We tell the teachers that the children will find out about these things in other ways - such as on the internet.""At one school there was once a complaint from a parent who said that the picture of the female anatomy that we used was 'not appropriate'," says Elissa, at an international medical students' conference in Beirut.I offer a collaborative therapy environment in which we can face any issue with courage, compassion, and curiosity. I am an EMDR certified therapist experienced in helping individuals of all ages through those challenging times when anxiety, depression, grief, self-doubt or fear feel like an unmovable mountain.


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    The author of the book is named Obadiah which means “Servant of Yahweh.” Some have thought that this is the same Obadiah that was Ahab’s steward in 2 Chronicles 17:7, but that is historically improbable. The vividness of the events described in verses 11-14 fit most naturally into the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B. (The argument assumes what it is trying to prove.) It is known that Edom was hostile to Judah at this time (Ps. -2 1; Ezek -14) (But Edom was also hostile against Judah at other times in their history.) Obadiah is closely related to Jeremiah 49:7-16 which was written at the time of Judah's fall to Babylon, and Obadiah could have borrowed from Jeremiah. (The word “exiles” does not demand national deportation. C.) The events described by Obadiah fit more naturally with the revolt of Edom against Judah and the Philistine and Arabian attack against Judah and Jerusalem in Jehoram's day (2 Kings -22; 2 Chron. (The argument assumes what it is trying to prove.) The commands of verses 12-14 are jussives which never refer to something in the past. (The author could be using the jussives for vividness in his presentation of Edom's sin.) There is some evidence to indicate that Jeremiah borrowed from Obadiah's prophecy. (A literary relationship does not prove a chronological relationship; Obadiah could have borrowed from Jeremiah.) The 'exiles' of verse 20 can be understood in the same sense as Amos 1:9-12 which refers to the exile of captured individuals rather than the deportation of an entire nation.

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