Unsolicited text from dating sites

To block these spam messages -- but not all incoming texts from friends and family -- call your carrier’s customer service number (usually 611) and instruct them to “Block all text messages sent to you as email” and “Block all multimedia messages sent to you as email.” You also might be able to log into your account online and activate these blocks there.Two years ago, I got a text message from a number with a Las Vegas area code. Spammers’ lists of numbers have been multiplying as they shift their focus from email to mobile phones to take advantage of cellphone companies’ weaker spam filters.

In 2012, cellphone spam — often called "smishing " — has tripled compared with 2011 levels, while email-delivered spam continues to drop, following an 82 percent decrease last year. For scammers, cellphone text messages are fast, cheap, easy and effective.Most spam texts do not originate from another phone.Instead, they’re sent from a computer, at no cost to the sender, via an email address or instant messaging account.On phones, spam messages usually arrive via text message (SMS), and often attempt to defraud you.The good news is that you can greatly reduce unwanted text messages from showing up on your mobile phone -- although you probably can’t stop them completely.He swears he doesn’t know where these emails are coming from. I don’t understand him receiving emails like this if he hasn’t put his email address in somewhere at some point!


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