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Their "lowest girls level" will be charged with RMB 998, their hot Top Models with RMB 2298 already, but for that you can daily pick out your girl from a pool of at least 70 pretty girls, which mostly in other saunas would already be the top selection.

The sauna got their "boost" after the famous Ming Hui sauna closed and many of their top girls moved over to the No. They are located in Puxi, at the east area of Min Hang district, not far away from Hong Qiao airport, but also not a long trip from Puxi city center to there. After nearly 6 month where they refused Caucasian customers (because of some problems with a "big dick owner" who seriously injured a girl) they changed their policy back to normal.

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” Small speak shortly results in extra intimate subjects like intercourse.

Disponible también para Windows Phone, i OS y Symbian (Blackberry OS está en desarrollo: BETA), We Chat funciona más como Line que como Whatsapp.

Aunque incluye características de ambas aplicaciones. Gracias a esta nueva aplicación podremos chatear con quien queramos y compartir archivos o hacer llamadas Vo IP. Mediante nuestro número de teléfono la aplicación escaneará nuestros contactos y verá quién más tiene instalado We Chat.

- Find the sauna nearby with our map service The Red House Girls Club is famous for their fantastic selection of beauties!

Different to most places, they will not offer only 5 to 15 girls to pick your baby out, here they will provide nearly all around the day more than 30 to 40 girls who are free to select (at least same number will be busy that time.


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