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Lion Forge Comics and producers Scott Steindorff and Dylan Russell have partnered to develop a feature film about the life of iconic pro wrestler Andre “The Giant” Roussimoff.The project is based on the authorized graphic novel biography published last year, “Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.” Roussimoff’s daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff will consult on the film and assigned the exclusive rights for the biography to the producers.Scenes from the past blend with the present day murder investigation to lead to the uncovering of the characters’ secrets and the murderer’s identity.

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In 1994 a hopeful Carla gets her romantic hopes crushed by Aaron and another man named Peter.

It’s been an amazing experience telling that story in the book with Robin’s help.

With all the spectacle, action, and emotion there on the page, a feature film just made perfect sense.” “Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven” was written by Brandon Easton and illustrated by Denis Medri.

The brothers of Jesus did not believe in him during His public ministry (Jn.

7:5), but after the resurrection they are mentioned among the disciples (Acts ).


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